Benefits of Memberships


Monthly membership meetings with speakers, training and action planning


Active engagement in funding conversations, including CORE investment


Resource and information sharing: Day-to-day operations and policy


Assistance in creating policy material


Reduced and focused email subscription strategies


Collaboration with and support from peers

Member Testimonial

Sandy Davie

Executive Director of
Santa Cruz Toddler Care Center

I do not have a lot of time so I want to be a part of a group that is effective, focused, supportive and gets things done.

It feels so affirming to be part of this peer group; I don't see this in any other arena.

HCA is powerful and positive. Membership dues are worth every penny

Melisa Vierra

Executive Director of
Families in Transition

HCA operates on the same principles that Families In Transition (FIT) does, that collaboration is the best way to achieve a healthy, well-balanced network of stakeholders who are invested in a diverse and robust community for all its members. HCA helps FIT achieve its outcomes by advocating for jurisdictional funding, offering training opportunities and providing in-depth research and reports on topics that are meaningful to our agency and the communities we serve.  With HCA services FIT is better able to meet its mission of ending and preventing family homelessness in Santa Cruz County.

Community Stories

With agencies providing such a vast range of services, almost every resident of Santa Cruz has a neighbor, friend, or family member who has been helped by an HCA member agency. Perhaps it was a family needing child-care or a senior trying to live at home; maybe it was someone needing a safe place to heal, a place to learn about a loved one with mental health challenges, or a parent wanting to learn to read to their children. Or maybe it is healthcare or nonprofit worker getting support and information from a nonprofit.


Helen is one of those community members who has benefited from the services of an HCA agency. Helen is blind and deaf and relies entirely on the support of community volunteers. She is among the vast number of seniors living in Santa Cruz County whose health limits them to their homes. Once a day someone from Santa Cruz County Food and Nutrition Services will bring her a hot meal. It is the highlight of her day.

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