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Lessons Learned:

Community Bridges

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November 5, 2020

5:00 pm, PT


  1. Welcome – (10 minutes) – Leah Samuels

    1. Introductions- Leah, introduces Ray 

  2. Lessons Learned ( Alissa, Elizabeth, Terrance and Kelly) ( 30 min)

    1. Based on your prior experience with the ( Tubbs and Camp Creek Fires) 

      1. What did you see where the primary needs in your recovery?

      2. Any primary needs you wished you were better prepared to respond to?

      3. What did recovery look like for you beyond the immediate response of the disaster (3-8 months, 1-3 years)

      4. What gaps did you see your communities have to wrestle with and face?

      5. From the client's perspective was there any gaps that were not addressed? If so, what were the barriers?

      6. What was the local government’s role in recovery? ( reduced fees (Monterey removed them), removing fees then reversed course ( Sonoma), 

      7. What was the local government’s role in partnering, coordinating and distributing resources? Did they help advise with setting priorities or provide funding to expand nonprofit impact? 

      8. What are some of the critically urgent long-term planning questions that we should be asking ourselves?

      9. How did you help the community cope with the loss and trauma associated with the fires?

      10. Did the Community Foundations partner collectively impact their impacted region? If so, how?

  3. Present Recovery–  ( Susan, Carmen and Maria Elena)  ( 20 min)

    1. Highlight some funding and coordination that the Community Foundation has done. (United policy workers, Responsive grantmaking, general operating grants, PO agreements with non-profits) 

    2. What has the recovery council been working to address? 

  4. Question and Answer- Ray Cancino, Moderator ( 10 min) 

  5. Conclusion – Leah Samuels Pitch for HCA ( 2 min) 



Elizabeth Brown, Sonoma Community Foundation Kelly Meyer, Paradise Survivor and Advocate  

Carmen  Herrera, CAO Recovery Council 

Maria Elena De La Garza, CAO Recovery Council

Susan True, Santa Cruz Community Foundation 

Alissa Abdo, On The Move

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