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Human Care Alliance Statement on Public Safety

The Human Care Alliance recognizes that public safety concerns are an important issue for our community and we all want a safer Santa Cruz County. Programs that provide prevention, intervention, or diversion services increase public safety. HCA recommends that public policy and service priorities intended to target these safety concerns include approaches that:  


1. Address the root causes of the problems in addition to meeting immediate needs

2. Identify and support cost-effective, evidence-based policies, strategies, and programs

3. Produce measurable results toward meeting short and long-term public safety goals identified by all sectors of the community

4. Provide services that prevent crises due to hunger, poverty, and safety concerns

5. Ensure that all our community members are treated with equity, dignity, and respect


Examples of such evidence-based services include:

  • Treatment for substance use and co-occurring disorder

  • Mental health services for those not part of the County’s system of care,

including trauma-informed care

  • Conflict resolution and restorative justice practices

  • Criminal justice re-entry support and specialized court interventions

  • Permanent Supportive Housing interventions for frequent utilizers of emergency services

  • Pro-social youth activities 

The Human Care Alliance has a proven track record of providing services that ensure the safety and well being of the most vulnerable populations in our community, including youth, families, seniors, victims of violence, and those most underrepresented and marginalized. We welcome the ongoing partnership with all those committed to providing safety and well being to all members of our community.

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